René Doursat
 Ph.D. Habil.

Research Scientist, CNRS (USR3695),
   BioEmergences Lab, Gif s/Yvette, France

Research Scientist & Fmr. Director,
   Complex Systems Institute, Paris, France

Co-Founder & Guest Lecturer, Complex
   Systems Master's, Ecole Polytechnique

Research Associate Professor, School of
   Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University

Officer (Secretary), Board of Directors,
   International Society for Artificial Life



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Welcome to René's home page
I am a researcher and lecturer at the interface between computer science and biomedical engineering, focusing on computational biology and bio-inspired computing. After a detour through the software industry, I returned to academia in 2004, first as a Visiting Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, then as a Research Scientist at the Complex Systems Institute, Paris (under the CNRS) and a Guest Lecturer at Ecole Polytechnique. I was also Director of the institute for two years, but handed over this management responsibility to dedicate myself again to research. Later, I lived in the Washington DC area, where I was formally affiliated with Drexel University and taught at The Catholic University of America. In August 2014, I moved back to France to take up a new research position at CNRS. Bio →
Research in Complex Systems
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Evolution & Ecology


& Bioengineering

Morphogenetic Engineering

Neural Computation

Genetic Programming
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• July 2014 PDF
Wang, O., Doursat, R. & Bourgine, P. (2014) A hybrid off/on-lattice model of emergence and maintenance autopoiesis. Proceedings of ALIFE 2014: pp. 532-538. MIT Press.
• June 2014 PDF
Doursat, R. & Sánchez, C. (2014) Growing fine-grained multicellular robots. Soft Robotics 1(2): 110-121.
• June 2014 PDF
Castro-González et al. (2014) A digital framework to build, visualize and analyze a gene expression atlas... PLoS Comp Biol 10(6): e1003670.
• May 2014 PDF1 PDF2
Kowaliw, T., Bredeche, N. & Doursat, R., eds. (2014) Growing Adaptive Machines, Springer-Verlag.
• December 2013 PDF
Delile, J., Doursat, R. & Peyriéras, N. (2013) Computational modeling and simulation of animal embryogenesis... In Computational Systems Biology, 2nd ed: pp. 359-405. Acad. Press.
• November 2013 PDF
Doursat, R., Sayama, H. & Michel, O. (2013) A review of morphogenetic engineering. Natural Computing 12(2): 517-535.